Rotorua Mineral Pools
Rotorua Mineral Pools

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The perfect place to enjoy nature's gift
-Family Spa
Family fun and enjoyment beckons in this most energetic pool area!
A large freshwater chlorinated pool (33?C) provides a toddler’s section and a small hydro slide for a splashing good time. The larger, deeper section of the pool encourages family frivolity and light fitness activity. Two hot mineral pools (37?C and 40?C) overlook the large freshwater pool. Here families can relax in the soothing thermal water filled with soothing alkaline mineral water leaving your skin soft and supple, while supervising their children.

The Family Pools is fully life guarded at all times for your safety. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a caregiver; under the age of 8 years must be actively supervised in the water by a caregiver over 16 years.

Adult: $22
Child (5-14 years) $9
Family Pass (2x adults & up to 4 children) $55

-Private Pools
Relax in your own private spa with a selection of pools, filled with soothing alkaline mineral water leaving your skin soft and supple. The Deluxe Pools offer stunning panoramic views of Lake Rotorua or enjoy quiet seclusion with views that open to the sky in the Standard Pools.
Pools are available for 30 minutes hire for a minimum of two adults. Children allowed if accommpanied by two adults. Conveniently, each pool has a heated changing room and a shower.

Deluxe Pool, Adult $29
Standard Pool, Adult $19
Accompanying Child $9

-Premium Lake Spa
Overlooking Lake Rotorua, the Deluxe Lake Spa is Polynesian Spa’s premium hot mineral bathing and relaxation area.
Enjoy tranquil bathing and lake views in four shallow alkaline rock pools, each with different temperatures (36?C to 42?C) and a newly built acidic pool so guests are able to enjoy the benefits of the two types of hot mineral water offered at Polynesian Spa. Here you are surrounded by revitalizing native New Zealand flora, natural rocks, the sound of two waterfalls and a grotto.
A large indoor relaxation lounge also overlooks Lake Rotorua, where as a Lake Spa guest, you are welcome to move from the pools to the lounge once dried off and return to bathe as you wish.

Per Person $48

-Adult Pools & Priest Spa
The pools are fed with hot mineral spring water from two different springs, with three cascading, marble-lined pools (38?C to 39?C), each feature alkaline water, renowned for its natural antiseptic action due to the high sodium silica content. The large deeper alkaline pool (38?C) is an excellent place to stretch out for some light activity. Historically it was said that those who bathe in eth Rachel Spring water will be blessed with ageless beauty!
The three Priest Spa pools (39?C to 42?C), offer special thermal bathing in acidic water from the Radium hot spring, long renowned for its therapeutic properties.
A new reflexology walk in this area is also accessible, stimulating pressure points in your feet that correspond to all major body organs and areas - encouraging vital energy and blood flow throughout your body, relieving stress, improving balance and enhancing physical and mental well-being.

Adult $29
(No children allowed)

Family Spa

Adult $22 Child $9
Standard Private Pool

Adult $19 Child $9
Premium Lake Spa

Per Person $48
Family Spa-Family Pass

Family Pass $55
Deluxe Private Spa

Adult $29 Child $9
Adult Pools & Priest Spa

Adult $29
Ground Floor, 307 Durham St. Nth
New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 39 151, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 39 151, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand