Rotorua Wildlife Encounters
Rotorua Wildlife Encounters

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Rainbow Springs is truly an attraction like no other in the world. Set in beautiful native trees and streams, it's home to a huge variety of New Zealand’s most precious inhabitants.

The entire experience is built around New Zealand’s largest and most successful kiwi conservation centre. With no glass in the outdoor kiwi enclosure, and only a knee high fence separating you from these curious native birds, you can get closer to kiwi than you ever thought possible. Added to this intimate view of one of the world’s living treasures, you will also be able to experience the adrenalin rush of The Big Splash, explore many free flight aviaries, feed the birds their breakfast, come face to face with pre-history in the eyes of our many tuatara, talk to Jenny the hand-reared kea, feed the largest wild trout you will ever see and experience the wonder of our bird show featuring some of the funniest feathered performers.

If you're wanting to learn and discover more, get up even closer with the Kiwi Encounters tour where you can see unique behind-the-scenes of a working kiwi nursery and hatchery, where Rainbow Springs successfully hatched over 2,000 kiwi chicks and released many back into the wild.

General Admission
Adult $45 / Child $25
Admission & Behind the Scenes Kiwi Tour

Adult $65 / Child $35
502a Wairakei Road, Harewood
New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 39 151, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 39 151, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand