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Taupo Skydiving
Taupo Skydiving

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Skydive Taupo is located at Taupo Airport, which is a short 7-minute journey from the centre of Taupo. Your adventure will begin once you arrive at the dropzone, where you’ll meet our friendly office staff who are going to talk you through everything that awaits you.

Briefing - our friendly team will get you signed up, explain all the options to you and give you a safety briefing

Gear up - our team will get you sorted with a jumpsuit and harness, hat, goggles and gloves (in winter). Your tandem instructor will introduce himself, get your harness sorted and go through some safety information with you

Boarding call - you board our unique pink plane, the flight will take about 20 minutes to get to altitude so you have plenty of time to take in the amazing scenery

3...2...1...JUMP!! - the door will open and you'll feel that rush of air! Your instructor will slide you to the door until your feet are dangling over the edge - 3...2...1...

Freefalling - the adrenaline kicks in as you fall at 200km/h! You don't feel like you're falling - it's more like you are floating on a big cushion of air

12,000ft jump

Per person $279
15,000ft jump

Per person $359
502a Wairakei Road, Harewood
New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 39 151, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand
Postal Address: PO Box 39 151, Harewood, Christchurch, New Zealand